Facial Cosmetic Surgery

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Forehead & Eyebrow Lift

A forehead & eyebrow lift is most commonly used to minimize the appearance of aging in people 40-60 years old. It can also help people of any age who have developed furrows or frown lines due to stress or muscle activity.


Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is used to remove the fat deposits and loose skin that may form on the eyelids with age. Many factors, including heredity and sun damage, accelerate these changes.

Face & Neck Lift

As we age, our facial skin loosens, and the underlying soft tissue foundation may shift or drop. The muscles of the face & neck may weaken as well. Facial rejuvenation by a facelift & neck lift can address these problems by re-draping and firming these contours. The procedures will also tighten the skin of the face and neck at the same time.

Rhinoplasty & Deviated Septum Correction

For many people, a prominent, asymmetric, bumpy or undesirable nasal shape leads to a desire for improvement. One of the most common, yet most difficult, of all cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty(nasal surgery) is used to improve the appearance and/or the function of the nose.

Some rhinoplasty surgeries are purely cosmetic, thus not a covered health insurance benefit. When there are functional problems of nasal or septal airway obstruction, approval can be requested of the patient's insurance plan for benefits. Some patients have a blend of both reconstructive and cosmetic, i.e. partial insurance coverage plus partial self-pay (cosmetic).

Septoplastyis the surgical correction of a deviated septum causing airway obstruction, which is usually post-traumatic; and, therefore, usually covered by insurance.

Cleft Lip Nasal Correction

A cleft lipis the medical term for a congenital (birth defect) separation that can occur in the lip and extends into the nose and the anterior palate (roof of the mouth). The cleft may be as minor as a notch in the upper lip or as extensive as a wide fissure extending through the lip and gum into the nose. Patients with a cleft lip usually have a cleft lip nasal deformity, as well.

A cleft lip rhinoseptoplastyis the surgery to correct this congenital nasal deformity with the goal to correct the asymmetrical nasal landmarks and correct nasal airway obstruction. This surgery is typically covered by health insurance. It is not infrequent for these patients to benefit from more than one surgical procedure.

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